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Department of Mechanical

The Department consists of one Associate Professor and Three Assistant Professors to support the needs of core engineering branches. Three lab- assistants support the maintenance of Engineering Practice Laboratories. The Engineering Practices Lab aims to impart the basic practical knowledge in Mechanical and Civil engineering. Engineering Graphics is taught by using prototype models are available to make the students for better understandability about Engineering Graphics. The department of Mechanical Engineering supports the core engineering branches by handling the theory and practical courses relevant to Mechanical Engineering. The admin of the Mechanical Engineering department cum under the Civil Engineering Department.


To identify and to use the particular blend of Technologies and this will provide the most economic, elegant and appropriate solution to the problem in hand.

  • To Achieve 90 % of result in Theory subjects and 100% result in Practical subjects.
  • To enhance the faculty skills by promoting the participation of each staff member for one faculty development programme or to present papers in one conference per year.
  • To procure at least 25 Volume of books newly for department library for the year 2017-2018.
  • To initiate the first year students to carry out 5 projects to exhibit in the open house exhibition of the year 2017-2018 by exploring their knowledge in mechanical fields.
           Department of Mechanical Engineering has Engineering Practices Lab provided with modern and sophisticated equipments to meet the curriculum requirements.
Lab Area 9.15 X 27.45 X 6.10m

Lab Equipments

S.No Name of the Equipment Quantity Available
1 Assorted components for plumbing consisting of metallic pipes, plastic pipes, flexible pipes, couplings, unions, elbows, plugs and other fittings. 15 sets
2 Carpentry vice (fitted to work bench) 15 Nos.
3 Standard woodworking tools 15 sets
4 Models of industrial trusses, door joints, furniture joints 5 each
5 Power Tools : a) Rotary Hammer
(b) Demolition Hammer
(c) Circular Saw
(d) Planer
(e) Hand Drilling Machine
(f) Jigsaw
1 Arc welding transformer with cables and holders 5 Nos.
2 Welding booth with exhaust facility 5 Nos.
3 Welding accessories like welding shield, chipping hammer, wire brush, etc. 5 Sets
4 Oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders, blow pipe and other welding outfit. 2Nos.
5 Centre lathe 2 Nos.
6 Hearth furnace, anvil and smithy tools 2 sets
7 Moulding table, foundry tools 2 sets
8 Power Tool: Angle Grinder 2 Nos.
9 Study-purpose items: centrifugal pump, air-conditioner One Each.
Engineering Practices Lab
           The Engineering Practices Lab provides exposure to the students with hands on basic engineering practices and demonstrations in Civil & Mechanical Engineering as listed below
In Civil Section
  • Plumbing Works : Basic pipe connections - Mixed pipe material connection - Pipe connections with different joining components.
  • Carpentry work : Wood work, joints by sawing, planing and cutting.
  • Study Exercise : Door Panel, Industrial trusses.

  • In Mechanical Section
  • Welding Works: Preparation of Arc Welding of Butt Joints, Lap Joints and Tee Joints.
  • Machining Work : Simple Turning, Taper Turning and Drilling Practice.
  • Sheet Metal Work: Model Making - Trays, Funnels.
  • Study Exercise
  • Study of Centrifugal Pump
  • Study of Air Conditioner
  • Demonstration on : Gas Welding, Smithy Operation, Foundary Operation and Fitting Models
    Drawing Practices Hall for Engineering Graphics Subject
               Aim : To develop the student's graphic skills for communication of concepts, ideas and design of engineering products and expose them to existing national standards related to technical drawings.
  • Two drawing halls are available with 60 drawing tables in each hall to conduct the engineering drawing classes.
  • To achieve the above said goal the engineering graphics classes are handled by efficient staff members and very good results are achieved so for.
  • The classes are taken with two sets of solid models for the solids like prism, pyramid, cylinder and cone to draw the projections, cut sections and development of the surfaces of solids.
    Drawing Hall Details
               The details of the Drawing Hall area is given below 32.64 X 8.54X 3.66m.

    Teaching Staff

    Supporting Staff


    Our Department Library is being maintained by Mr.C.Balaguru, Assistant Professor. 261 books are available with various titles. Staff members utilize this facility to handle the subjects related to Mechanical Engineering.

    Department LibraryBooks

    Staff Detail for 100% Result Achievement (University Exam)
    Academic Year 2016 - 2017
    S.No Faculty Name & Designation Subject Name with Subject Code Class & Semesterr Pass %
    1 Mr.S.Suresh, Assistant Professor MG 6851-Principles Of Management III - ECE - B (Even) 100
    Academic Year 2014 - 2015
    S.No Faculty Name & Designation Subject Name with Subject Code Class & Semesterr Pass %
    1 S.Suresh, Assistant Professor GE - 6152 - Engineering Graphics I - ECE - A & B (Odd) 100
    2 M.K.V.Karthikeyan, Asso.Professor GE 6251 - Basic civil & Mechanical Engg. I - EEE (Even) 100
    3 S.Mohanraj, Assistant Professor GE 2025 - Professional Ethics In Engg. III CIVIL B (Even) 100
    Academic Year 2013 - 2014
    S.No Faculty Name & Designation Subject Name with Subject Code Class & Semesterr Pass %
    1 M.K.V.Karthikeyan, Asso.Professor GE - 6152 - Engineering Graphics I - ECE - B (Odd) 100
    2 C.Balaguru, Assistant Professor MG 2351 - Principles of Management III - ECE A (Even) 100
    The AU Q & A of Each Subject is Avaliable in Student Login
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