Research and Development Cell
The Research & Development cell was constituted in the Academic year 2011-2012 with senior faculties from each Department. The research & Development cell supports pure research, applied research and day to day development research which concentrates on time management, funding and awarding. Faculties were encouraged to submit project proposals for getting funds from funding agencies both Government and Non-Government organizations. The R&D laboratory dedicated to research, design and development in the field of survey, Waste Management, Data Mining and Big Data, Networking RF and Microwave Systems, Optical Physics and applications. However, there is also interdisciplinary research initiative addressing broader spectrum of various fields in Engineering, Technology & Science. Many of our R & D programs focus to develop systems, products and technologies which are directly usable in diverse applications.

The faculties were motivated by giving incentives for their R & D contributions under two categories. In the first category, A monthly incentive scheme to faculty members who are guiding Ph.D. Research scholars irrespective of the discipline, and including Science and Humanities ranges from Rs.1000/- to Rs.5000/- per month. The second category focuses on faculty publications and also initiative to apply for funded research projects and it is one-time incentive.

The R & D committee will look after the Research and developmental activities includes.

* Conducting periodical meeting to monitor the progress of the ongoing Research
* To scrutinize the published papers by the faculty members and will submit recommendations for suitable incentive based on the impact factor, Degree of contributions, patent applied, etc.
* Based on the recommendations, the incentive will be awarded to a maximum of Top 10 International Journal papers and for a maximum of Top 10 Indian Journal papers from 1st April to 31st March of the academic year during the annual day celebration of our College. 
* The R & D committee will also be responsible to monitor the consultancy with industry and revenue generated, project proposal submitted to State / Central public sector undertaking, or any other competent agency. 

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